Sister to Sister Knitting, Crochet & Book Club
Every Tuesday evening from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., women from the community come together where they can learn the skill of knitting and crocheting. We engage in great conversation, as well as the reading and discussion of good books.


The Bushikori Education for Girls Project
Sister to Sister has partnered with the Bushikori Christian Centre in Uganda, to educate girls who can no longer pursue an education due to financial constraints. Our commitment to educate girls aligns itself with our purpose to inspire, enlighten and empower girls in our community and beyond.

Every year we sponsor eight girls in the amount of $2,800 to provide them with school supplies, lunch and clothing, etc.


Urban Sisters (US) Mentoring Program
Launched in October 2009, is a program designated to providing underprivileged children of the community with an opportunity to attend Camp Olmsted on Cornwall-On-Hudson, New York, operated by the Five Points Mission, a Methodist organization. The girls, aged from 6 to 13, will receive a full scholarship for a two-week summer experience that will include transportation, lodging, meals and all activities.  These activities will help the girls in creating purposeful relationships, building character and self-esteem to enhance their personal growth and development.


For more information please call our Empowerment Office at 917-668-4284.