The Bushikori Project

Sister to Sister has partnered with the Bushikori Christian Centre in Uganda, to educate girls who can no longer pursue an education due to financial constraints. Our commitment to educate girls aligns itself with our purpose to inspire, enlighten and empower girls in our community and beyond.


Every year we sponsor eight girls in the amount of $2,800 to provide them with school supplies, lunch and clothing, etc.


Bushikori Christian Centre serves its community with a health unit, a child sponsorship program, and Joshua Primary School within its compound grounds. Bushikori Christian Health Centre includes an out-patient clinic that serves over 6000 patients, a 24-hour inpatient clinic that treats over 1000 patients, and a midwifery unit where over 200 babies are born every year. The child-care department oversees the educational sponsorship of about 350 children in the greater Mbale area. And Joshua Primary School provides quality education to over 210 students in seven classes.


BCC was founded following the reign of Idi Amin, an oppressive military dictator who ruled from 1971-1979, at a time when AIDs was infecting 15% of the adult population and many orphans wandered the streets in search of food. Ugandan Pastor Sam Wandendeya began gathering these children to receive school lessons and food, after he himself was saved from the hands of Amin’s regime. After Pastor Wandendeya’s sudden death in 1998, his wife, Anne Wandendeya, took over. Today, with the help of more than 30 staff members, Anne runs BCC.